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Welcome to the new Fit2B website 15 December 2010, 00.00 Administrator news
Welcome to the new Fit2B website
I would like to formally introduce everybody to the launch of our new Fit2B Australia website.We have updated our website to include more Web2.0 specific items as well as include a lot of new content that will interest the following groups:1. StudentsSRF 30206 Certificate III in FitnessSRF 40206 Certificate IV in FitnessSIR 20207 Cert II in RetailSIR 30207 Cert III in RetailSIR 40207 Cert IV in Retail
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I Love Fitness 14 December 2010, 00.00 Administrator fitness
I Love Fitness
Having a love for fitness and general health and well being is really where the journey begins for most people in the fitness industry.If you have this fundamental goal ingrained into your DNA the Fitness industry can really be a wonderful journey where you live a fabulous lifestyle and really making the world a better place, by helping people live longer healthier lives.Certificate III in
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student-testimonial Hi there!
Fit2B’s personal training course is like no other. It provides great flexibility especially if you have a busy lifestyle. It allowed me to continue work and study ...
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